Aircraft Inspections

Aircraft Inspection for Commercial Operators

Over the years Northern Heights has worked with many commercial operators, flight training units, charter operators, freight operations and many aerial survey companies. Each operator has their own set of challenges. We always give top priority to our commercial operators and strive to work around their schedules to meet their deadlines. Feel free to contact us today to see how we can help with your inspection requirements today or in the future.

Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspection

A good pre-purchase aircraft inspection can save a potential buyer a lot of money and headaches and is strongly recommended. All airplanes have a story to tell. Let us help you read the pages. We take each pre-purchase inspection on a case by case basis, working with the buyer to determine what extent of inspection is needed.

We also broker aircraft sales. See planes for sale here on our Facebook page.

Tech Record Inspection

We have also helped many of our customers decipher their tech records and advised them of the maintenance tasks that are coming due and over due on their aircraft. Nothing makes us happier than helping owners and operators maintain their aircraft to the applicable standards of airworthiness.

Aircraft inspections are done in-house.