Aircraft Maintenance

Commercial Aircraft and Large Private Aircraft Maintenance

Commercial aircraft and/or larger private aircraft must be operated based on a maintenance schedule that has been approved by Transport Canada. This schedule is usually in line with manufacturers’ detailed inspection requirements and follows a 50 hour, 100 hour etc. operation cycle.

Some will follow whats called an event inspection cycle or a phase inspection. The operator will also need to follow Appendix C and have it outlined in their approved schedule.

Commercial and private planes in our storage facility.

Mobile Field Repairs

Northern Heights can do mobile field repairs when required. We have traveled to many different airports to repair aircraft upon the request of the owner/operator. At times it is a temporary repair, or an inspection to determine if the aircraft is safe for further flight.

Service Bulletins (SB’s)

SB’s are inspection requirements and or modifications released by the manufacturer of the product in question. SB’s are not mandatory to be carried out by private aircraft, even if they are applicable to the product. Commercial aircraft must address any applicable SB’s within their maintenance schedule.

Airworthiness Directives (AD’s)

AD’s are inspection requirements or modifications released by TC and are mandatory to all applicable products. They will more often then not make reference to an SB, which would then make an otherwise non-mandatory SB for a private aircraft mandatory. The responsibility of making sure all AD’s are up to date on an aircraft falls on the owner of the aircraft. An owner can delegate that responsibility to another person, however in most cases with private aircraft that responsibility is not delegated.

Maintenance of Small Private Aircraft

All aircraft need to be maintained following a maintenance schedule approved by Transport Canada (TC). TC provides pre-approved aircraft maintenance schedules in the CAR’s for small private aircraft.

Small private aircraft can be maintained to CAR’s 625.86 Appendix B ( maintenance schedule for small aircraft) called an annual inspection and also Appendix C (out of phase tasks). Appendix C is where Transport Canada outlines some specific components that require a certain test or overhaul that does not follow the normal maintenance schedule in Appendix B.

For example:

  • The requirement to have the ELT tested every 12 or 24 months.
  • Fixed pitch propellers require a corrosion and dimension inspection every 5 years.
  • Constant speed propellers require an overhaul every 10 years.
  • Tachometers need to be checked for accuracy every 12 months.
Aircraft maintenance done in-house.

We Work on Many Aircraft

We work on a wide variety of aircraft including but not limited to:

  • Cessna singles and twins,
  • Piper singles and twins,
  • Socatas,
  • Mooneys
  • and even a Yak 52

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An aircraft in maintenance mode at our hangar.