Aircraft Repairs and Modifications

If it’s a simple or major aircraft repair you require, or an aircraft modification, we can help you out.

We have replaced the tail cone reinforcement brackets on the older Cessna 180 series aircraft. We’ve also carried out AD 2020-18-01 and installed the required bulkhead reinforcement kits, and returned a Piper Chieftain to service following a gear-up landing at the field (see our Aircraft Recovery page for more about this). We do not paint aircraft.

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Mobile Field Repairs

Northern Heights can do mobile field repairs when required. We have traveled to many different airports to repair aircraft upon the request of the owner/operator. At times it is a temporary repair, or an inspection to determine if the aircraft is safe for further flight. We can also recover downed or non-operational aircraft.

Aircraft engine repair and modifications.

Airframe Repair And Modification

  • stol kits
  • speed mods
  • windscreen and window
  • interiors
  • structural repairs, etc.

Engine Repair and Engine Modifications

  • electronic ignition installation
  • prop balancing
  • engine changes, etc.