Aircraft Recovery

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. We are here to help. After the dust has settled the last thing you need is your aircraft to withstand any more unnecessary damage during the retrieval effort. Make sure the task is handled properly. Northern Heights can assist, and plan the recovery of your aircraft.

Aircraft Recovery Management

Repairable aircraft need to be managed carefully. From unloading cargo to coordinating the different contractors and groups required to move the aircraft, we can handle the recovery effort to prevent further damage.

An aircraft in the middle of the recovery process.

The twin engine you see here was forced to do an emergency gear-up landing in North Bay – we were able to unload its freight and get it to our facility for repairs.

Aircraft Extraction and Difficult Terrain

If the aircraft is not considered repairable, we can dismantle it onsite and truck the parts out to be scrapped. We have methods of accessing and extracting aircraft in difficult locations, such as near remote lakes or woods.

Aircraft recovery service